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Internet appearance is very important nowadays. And when it comes to the internet, a company needs a reliable host which not only gives them the best services but also secures them from unexpected circumstances. IWF hosting is one of the leading brands that have earned its name by providing services for almost two decades. They have built their reputation by providing trustable, measurable, Competitivity & colocation solutions.

The speciality of IWF-

It is difficult for a company or a person to maintain their online appearance without external help. Experts like IWF hosting build an online image and provide support to maintain the image with the help of their expert team of engineers, developers, and exceptional yet highly secured technology. However, the fame of a company does not depend on what services it provides; rather, it depends on how it can improve itself according to market needs.

IWF hosting maintains its upgrade procedure based on clients’ reviews and feedback so that they can provide the best of their knowledge and services. It’s a branch division of H4Y Technologies LLC. IWF hosting is expertise in shared website hosting, virtualization, public + private cloud hosting, and bare-metal dedicated hosting solutions.

IWF Hosting

Location Of IWF-

Although for a server hosting company, service is more important than its location. However, no company can provide their best service or utilize their expertise without proper location. Here IWF Hosting is different from others. They prioritize both service and location. They combined these two things with different technical services to make a chain that can handle every disaster. IWebFusion Technologies LLC or IWF hosting is a Melbourne Beach, FL-based company.

However, they have six operating data centres connected with incredible technology in different locations.

  • One in Bend or Charlotte, North Carolina;
  • Two in Los Angeles, California;
  • One in Las Vegas, Nevada; and
  • one in Monticello,
  • Iowa

Developers, engineers, and support teams from these six data centres work 24 hours to keep your data safe so that you do not lose any of it or your entire online image during an emergency.

Things to Know About IWF Hosting-

The Specialty of IWebFusion-

Before we talk about anything else, we must know a few things about IWebFusion Hosting or IWF Hosting.

  • H4Y Technology LLC, formally known as IWebFusion Technology LLC of Oregon, is the parental company of IWF hosting.
  • This Web hosting company provides services for shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Colocation Hosting.
  • Their specialization is website hosting, virtualization, public + private cloud hosting and bare-metal dedicated hosting solutions.
  • IWF hosting is a group of teams containing- engineers, developers, Web designers, and support teams to help you create your online image perfectly. Moreover, their 24/7 customer support team will update and modify the entire service so no one can break into your virtual residential.
  • Apart from support and great engineering work, an amazing website, and 365 days of customer support, what is best about IWF hosting is that they provide the best services on budgets.
  • The six operating data centres of IWF hosting are spread in different parts of the USA, eventually giving the customers a relief of security that their data will not lose.
  • IWF hosting knows that a little discount can make it for the new and existing business owners; that is why it provides hosting and support at a reasonable price.

Services of IWebFusion-

When it comes to service, IWF hosting has a wide range to offer. Whether the client is an individual, commercial, or governmental, IWF hosting offers everything. Moreover, they have made it more available for everyone with fair pricing offers.

IWF hosting not only provides a server at a reasonable price but also provides security, customer support, technical support, guidance, data storage, and many more. Above all, IWF hosting values the customer’s satisfaction and security more than anything else.

Services and Price-

  • Shared Hosting- 5.15 to 15.90 dollars for a month.
  • Reseller Hosting- 6.50 to 39.00 dollars for a month.
  • VPS Hosting- 9.38 to 64.99 dollars for a month.
  • Dedicated Hosting- 57 to 399 dollars for a month.
  • Colocation Hosting- 59 to 999 dollars for a month.

Details about the plans-

If you are a newcomer, you must know about this plan in detail before choosing one. IWF hosting has five plans for customers depending on your requirement, and you can choose one of them or ask for IWF hosting assistance to provide you with professional suggestions.

However, here we would like to give you an overview of all the plans.

1. Shared Hosting- 

IWF Hosting Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is commonly known as virtual Hosting. Hosting your latest website with a single physical server is a specific process. Moreover, it also hosts additional servers and different software application that helps to manage and access the website easily. For example, suppose you want a website for your blog; now, IWF hosting will provide you with a readymade website with different applications and other facilities.

It is one of the most popular choices for those who build their first websites. This hosting option is best for low traffic. It is one of the most profitable and inexpensive options that you need. The shared Plan has five sub plans: Starter, Standard, Medium, Large and Huge. They have been divided depending on the number of services they provide.

In every Plan, IWF hosting provide SSD disk space, and bandwidth, along with 99.9% Uptime SLA, professional tech support, Secured and Fastest Cloud Linux OS, along with 100 subdomains, Add-on domains, Parked domains, Litespeed webserver w/LSache, and Redis.

Free Comodo SSL Certificates, FTP/SFTP + CPanel, Super charge with CloudFlare, Codegurd Backup, Softacuiois® Script Auto-installer, WordPress Optimized/secured + Theme Archive, fast raid 10 Pure SSD, Free Backups, Email Forwarders, POP3 Email account, autoresponders, webmail, spam filter, IMAP Support and Hotlink Protection and many other technical services. However, there are a few limitations you will get in the plans.

IWF Hosting Shared Hosting
  • Starter Plan 10 GB SSD Disk Space, 200 GB Bandwidth, 100 Subdomain, 15 Add-on domains, 10 Parked Domains. Other services will remain the same. The starter Plan will cost $5.15/for a month with $1 for an upgrade to railguns.
  • Standard Plan 13 GB SSD Disk Space, 260 GB Bandwidth, 25 Add-on Domains, 20 Parked Domains. Other services will remain the same as the Starter Plan. It will cost $ 8 for a month.
  • Medium Plan Along with all other services, this sub-plan will give you 16 GB SSD Disk Space, 320 GB Bandwidth, 200 Subdomains, 50 Add-on domains, and 50 Parked Domains. And all these services will cost $ 10.60/ month.
  • Larger Plan this particular Plan comes with unlimited Subdomain, Add-on domain, Park domains, 19 GB SSD disk space, and 380 GB Bandwidth. These services will cost $12.60 for a month.
  • Huge Plan Like the Larger Plan, this Plan comes with an unlimited Subdomain, Add-on domain, and park domain, 30 GB SSD disk space, and 600 GB bandwidth. And this plan will cost $15.90/ month.

Apart from mentioned differences, all other services will remain the same for each sub-Plan. You can start with any plan and later upgrade your account with a greater plan.

Like every service, a Shared Plan also has some Advantages and Disadvantages.

Advantages of Shared Hosting plan-

  • IWF hosting makes Shared Hosting plans way cheaper and accessible to everyone.
  • Shared Hosting is great for entrepreneurs or business-owner who have never used these things before and have little technical efficiency.
  • The best thing about IWF hosting is that it allows upgrading the Plan whenever the client wants.
  •  The shared Hosting Plan presented by IWF hosting comes with different useful tools, equipment, and cPanel.
  • This plan comes with 60 days money-back policy.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting-

  • On a Shared Hosting plan, your website can use very limited resources, unfortunately.
  • Your website can get slow anytime.
  • Uses of software are also limited in this plan.

However, the plan by IWF hosting has been used by several happy customers who do not have any technical knowledge or only a little knowledge.

2. Reseller Hosting – 

IWF Hosting Reseller Hosting

It is a business model for reselling the services the web hosting provider gives us. It is a safe and easy way to start a business in web designing, developing, and other services related to web hosting.

There are six sub plans included in this Plan provided by IWF hosting. They are- Micro, Small, Beginner, Standard, Large, and Ultimate. Here we will first know the services that will remain the same for each Plan. And then we will know about the changed services and their prices.

The services that are going to remain the same are-

99.9% uptime SLA, professional Tech Support, Cloud Linux OS- fast and secure, free WHMCS, Fast Raid 10 Pure SSD, Lite Speed Webserver W/LScache, Free Comodo SSL, Certificates, Supercharged with Cloud Flare, Upgrade to Railguns, Bandwidth/Space Overselling, Custom DNS Servers, cPanel/WHM, Softaculous® Script Auto-installer, WordPress Optimized/Secured + Theme Archive, Node.JS Support, Access to git+SVN, PHPMyAdmin, PHP Version Selector, Awstats & Webalizer, Raw Log File, Error Logs, Referrer Logs, CGI & Perl, Ruby On Rails, SSH & Python, Image Magick, Free Backups, HTTP/2, POP3 Email Accounts, Email Forwarders, Auto Responders, Webmail, Spam Filter, SMTP, Mailing Lists, IMAP Support, Hotlink Protection.

Reseller Hosting plans

The services vary from plan to plan. They are-

  • Micro- In the Micro plan, you will get 15 GB SSD Disk Space, 200 GB Bandwidth, 5 cPanel accounts, and other services mentioned above. And all of these services will cost only 6.50 dollars/ month.
  • Small Plan- This plan also comes with the same services along with 25 GB SSD Disk Space, 250 GB Bandwith, and 30 cPanel accounts. It will cost 13 dollars/month.
  • Beginner Plan- this plan will cost $18 a month to provide 30 GB SSD Disk Space, 350 GB Bandwidth, 50 cPanel accounts, and the other Plan.
  • Standard Plan- This is the favorite plan of most reseller clients as it comes with 35 GB SSD Disk Space, 500 GB Bandwidth, 100 cPanel accounts, and many services and useful tools. And all of this cost just 25 dollars a month.
  • Large Plan- Large plan comes with 40 GB SSD Disk space, 750 GB Bandwidth, 150 cPanel accounts, and all other services. It will cost $ 32/month.
  • Ultimate Plan- 45 GB SSD Disk Space, 1250 GB Bandwidth, 200 cPanel accounts, and all other services just like other plans for just $39 /month.

Reseller of every plan will all the technical support and helps from IWF hosting to run their website effectively. You can choose any of these plans, but we prefer the standard plan. However, these plans also have a few advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Reseller Pack-

  • IWF hosting does not claim copyright when reselling their product, and you can easily put your brand on the product and sell them.
  • cPanel helps you manage and control the hosting package you want to sell.
  • All the necessary technical and other tasks will be done by IWF hosting.
  • You do not have to spend some extra dollars for an admin or scaling your hosting account.
  • Once you expand your business, you can easily switch from an existing plan to a greater one.
  • This Plan also comes with 30 days money-back guarantee policy.

Disadvantages of Reseller Pack-

  • Webhosting requires skills and knowledge; without knowledge, you will not be able to understand all the requirements.
  • Shifting the Plan can be a little hectic as you have to shift the whole data.

However, IWF hosting makes it easier for the reseller; whether you are an individual or an organization, you can sell any hosting services without investing all your plan.

3. Dedicated Hosting- 

Dedicated Hosting

When you need a physical server or servers for your single business, you have to take the IWF hosting special dedicated hosting Plan. In this plan, you will get complete control to optimize all the requirements, performance and security. You can choose this plan if you have a large amount of traffic on your website.

Services you will get in this plan- RAM, HDD, RAID, Bandwidth, IPS, assistance from different data centres, Additional IPS, Full Management, Hardware Option according to your specifications, Hybrid cloud virtualization setup along with licensing, and OnApp, open stack, Open Nebula, Proxmox setup, preferred access ability for different OS, Control Panel and Addons.

However, according to a plan, the cost will vary from $49 to $219, including CPU, RAM, HDD, RAID, Bandwidth, and IPS. And you will also get Free cPanel, Daily Backups, SSD cloud storage, and 24/7/365 technical support.

Dedicated Hosting

Advantages of Dedicated Hosting-

  • The performance of the website will be steady and highly qualified.
  • You can choose a plan according to the number of visitors daily, as IWF hosting will offer you support to handle any load.
  • IWF hosting will also increase the flexibility and optimization of the website.
  • It provides a secure and personal server, so you do not have to experience any critical situation.
  • Stubborn authenticity and measurability will be provided to you and your organization/.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting-

  • The cost is a little too high for a high-performing website.
  • External security like antivirus and firewall is required as the IWF hosting persuade to maintain high security for your website.
  • The entire service does not come with any money-back guarantee.

4. VPS Hosting- 

VPS Hosting

VPS is one of the most reliable and secured solutions in case you do have not to get any dedicated server. VPS or Virtual Privet server practice virtualization technology for a client using a multipurpose server. But it offers exceptional resources to the client.

This service is divided into five sub-plans that cost from 9.38 dollars to 64.55 dollars a month, depending on the services and features. However, here the services are quite different from each other. The list and offered services are bellowed.

  • Tiny- Pure SSD Space- 30 GB, Bandwidth- 2 TB, RAM- 4GB, CPU Cores- 1, IP address-1, with extra SSH access, SolusVM access, Weekly Backups, Superb 24/7 Support, 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. All these services will cost 9.38 dollars for a month.
  • Starter- This plan will start Pure SSD Space- 50 GB, Bandwidth- 2.5 TB, RAM- 8 GB, CPU Cores- 2, IP addresses- 2, and SSH access, SolusVM access, Weekly Backups, Superb 24/7 Support. This plan costs 18.99 dollars for a month.
  • Pro- Along with the same facilities as Tiny and Starter plan Pro have some additional features like Free Direct admin, 100 GB Pure SSD Space, 5 TB Bandwidth and 16 GB Ram, and 3 IP address, which cost almost 34.99 dollars for a month.
  • Pro Plus- With 150 GB pure SSD Space, 8 TB Bandwidth, 16 GB Ram, 4 IP addresses including SSH access, SolusVM Backups, Free Direct Admin, Free Management, 24/7 supports. The total cost will be 44.99 dollars for a month.
  • Pro Platinum- The Last Plan, which costs almost 65 dollars for a month, includes all the Pro plan features,h free WHMCS Starter, 300 GB Pure SSD Space, 15TB Bandwidth, 24 GB Ram, and 5 IP addresses.
VPS Hosting

  Advantages and Disadvantages-


  • Clients can customize their VPS according to their preferred OS.
  • The expansion is less than a dedicated plan.
  • VPS is a flexible option as you can choose a sub-plan according to your preference and later expand it.
  • You can have a predetermined amount of Ram.
  • You can take full control of your server and virtualization software
  • The Plan comes with 7day money-back policy.


  • Shared Hosting is quite less expensive than this one.
  • Serious Technical knowledge is required for handling servers.
  • Dedicated Hosting rather gives you more control over your server than VPS hosting.

5. Colocation Hosting-

Colocation Hosting

When you are in a technical business, you need a data centre to store all your data and secure them from sudden circumstances. This plan offers server hosting, superior availability, operational security and stability on a budget. IWF hosting also offers the client storage space, electricity, internet connection and security. You have to choose according to your preferred location. IWebFusion has six data centres in Bend, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Monticello. You can choose any of them along with four plans: single server, Oregon-1/2 cabinet, and Oregon-Full Private Cabinet. And the charges will start from 49.50 dollars and can extend to 850 dollars a month.

Colocation Hosting

Advantages and Disadvantages of colocation hosting-


  • These plans offer total security equipment and prevention tools.
  • These plans offer an extraordinary power supply which helps you to work faster.
  • It helps the website to load faster by providing a better connection.
  • Provide custom specifications.


  • The cost is a little bit higher in the beginning.
  • Server Maintenance will ask you to higher trained technicians.
  • Money-back guarantee is not available.


IWebfusion or IWF hosting, whatever you call it, is no wonder to provide the best and most secured services as they have been here in the business for almost ten years, and the mother company of IWebfuison is H4Y Technologies LLC. H4Y has been serving since 2001 and is rated as no 1. for the best services.

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