Shared Hosting: All the Advantages and Disadvantages

Shared Hosting:- Your first website is the image of your brand that the whole world will see. But creating a website requires a lot of research and effort. Sometimes even research is not enough to understand all the details of hosting a website. To host a website, you must understand the hosting types and the one necessary for you.

So, if you are a newbie and have decided on the name of your first website, then it is time to provide you with some knowledge about hosting. Now Hosting is a service that provides by the service provider to publish your website on the internet. They take care of your website, maintain files and data, and provide you with all the facilities.

There are three types of hosting services provided by hosting agencies for newbies. They are- Web Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. If you launch your website for the first time, you must understand which one will work for you properly.

As a new website owner, I believe you need something that will give you all the privileges yet a cheap service. And Shared hosting gives you exactly that service with less cost. In the article, I want to tell you “What is Shared Hosting?” and “Why you should choose Shared Hosting?”.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting: Definition

A Shared Hosting service gives you a specific space on the server while sharing all the resources with other websites at and low cost. Every website that shares the same platform gets the same resources and space. For example- suppose you are in a supermarket where you get your space and sell your product, and other sellers are also there who does the same thing. But all these sellers use the same resources like electricity and other things under the same roof yet get their own specific space. In simple words, shared hosting follows the same rules.

Now the main question is with whom you are sharing the platform. It depends on Operating System you choose. If you choose a window shared hosting, you will share the platform with the window users. Again, if you choose Linux Shared hosting, you will share the platform with the same operating users. Now choose an operating system depending on the preference of your website and the coding language you want to work with.

How does it work?

Shared Hosting is an arrangement where your service provider helps you to get a space on a platform that several other website owners shares. They use the same disk space, bandwidth, CPU, and memory and share the cost of these services. The entire process reduces the expense of the website owners. The entire design is created for small website owners who have just taken their first step toward the internet. The server accommodates thousands of websites to share the services and split the bills.

Why is Shared Hosting Different from other services?

Now, no matter how great a service is, it means nothing if it does not meet your requirement. To identify if Shared hosting works for you, we have to give you a comparison. As you already know, What is Shared Hosting? and how does it work? We can skip this part to save time and directly jump to the other three hosting services.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting is the service where the website owner gets a whole server and all its resources. A dedicated hosting service consumer gets the full privilege to control how their server will work. This hosting service will surely give you a unique performance as you will be the only person to consume all the resources.

While you get full control over your server and the resources, you can configure the server according to your need and necessity. But dedicated hosting has some back draws; for example, It is expensive and requires technical knowledge. The large skilled business owners with substantial traffic and a technical team to support them can get the full privilege of Dedicated hosting. But as I said, it is great for those with a large skilled business. But the expenses are not great for small business owners or entrepreneurs who have just started.

VPS Hosting

This one is similar to share hosting with a slight difference. Shared hosting lets you use the service and all its resources together with other websites and share the charges. In comparison, VPS hosting does the same but gives a private room. Shared hosting asks you to share the common server, while VPS hosting gives you a small private section on that server. But because this hosting service gives you a private room, it charges you more. On the other hand, VPS hosting requires technical skills because you have to access the root, install your operating system and configure it according to your need. Though you can take help from the service provider, it will cost you another few bucks.

On the other hand, a Shared hosting plan already comes with all these technical supports, the server, and its resources. That means you and everyone sharing the same server split the technical support charges.

Now there are many other hosting plans available on the internet. But because you are creating your first website, you must choose the best for yourself. And as a new owner, you need the full details about a hosting plan and the one suit your requirements.

Because Shared Hosting is specifically designed for new owners, it is not justified to tell you What is Shared Hosting? Rather, I want to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting.

Advantages of Shared Hosting-

As we have said, shared hosting is designed for new website owners, but it does not mean others cannot use this hosting service. Especially if you do not want to spend too much on hosting but want to have technical support provided by the experts.

Low Maintenance Charges

The best part of Shared Hosting Services is the low maintenance cost. Because you share the server and all the services, your charges also get divided among the owners. As a result, the maintenance cost is also reduced. In addition, it will require zero effort from your side.

Super Affordable

You will not be able to reduce your maintenance charges but will also share the server, CPU, bandwidth, RAM, and everything that will cost you extra. A hosting service gives you all these resources and a shared server at a lower cost. The entire process will reduce your cost and allow you to invest in your product.

User Friendly

Because the entire service program is designed for newbies, you can understand how easy it can be. You do not need any skills to use this technology. If you face any issues, the service team will take care of them, and the company will not even ask you to pay more. However, the easy interface will let you set up and navigate your website without stress.

Easy to Upgrade

Shared hosting is the basic level where users get the basic facilities according to their needs. And the technology will help you to get your business on the right track. And the best part is when you start receiving more traffic on your website, you can upgrade your service easily.

A new website owner with a tight budget needs 24/7 support. And many small business owners cannot afford it, but with the help of Shared Hosting Services, they get the best support from the experts for a small amount.

Major Dis advantages of Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting also has disadvantages; though they are minimal, I think you should know about them.


Now, because you are sharing the server with other websites, you are also sharing the directory with other websites. So, all of you will feel the same issues.


The service provider will ask you to share all the resources, which means they are limited, and when all the server websites use them together, you can face sluggish performance.

Impact on SEO

Expert says using a Shared Hosting service for a long time can negatively impact SEO.

But as I already told you, Shared Hosting is designed for newbies and to get you on the track of internet business. And the easy switching option will let you switch the service whenever you want.


Anyone new to the internet platform and wants to expand their business needs the best assistance to host their website with minimum charges. But as a newcomer, you must be crucial when choosing the right server for your website. For example, you have to keep a few points in your mind. For example-

  • Choose the platform first, and then choose the server.
  • Count your traffic first and think about the growth.
  • The types of technical support you need.
  • Types of content you want to publish.
  • Features and services you want from the server.

These are some crucial points that you have to figure out before choosing the right platform. But whatever you know, you must start with What is Shared Hosting? And why is shared hosting best for you?

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