VPS Hosting: What Is It? An Introduction to Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Server or VPS is technically a process to mimic a dedicated server. It has become famous among users for its lower cost charge, reliability, security, and performance. Shared hosting does not allow you to access the root of the server. VPS gives you enough freedom to install necessary applications and makes changes in the environment.

Those who deal with SaaS, Games, Programs, Companies with shared hosting, and even those companies who need a secure environment can put their trust in VPS. However, being a great option and knowing the entire topic are two different things.

Here we will answer the question– “what is VPS hosting?” and “how does it work?”; but many other questions arrive while we learn about VPS. We will guide you with them here.

what is VPS hosting

VPS Hosting

The answer to the question- “what is VPS hosting?” is simple. A virtual operating system in the parenting system uses virtualization technology to provide private service. A dedicated VPS hosting imitates the entire environment to connect a system or computer with another via a network, parent server, or a cluster of servers.

The entire process depends on the duplication of the properties of a physical server. The software does the job by imitating dedicated hardware, although it behaves like a physical server.

Multiple companies use VPS to isolate the instances on the parent server. There are several things allowed if you use VPS hosting. For example-

  • You can access the VPS environment from anywhere in the world.
  • VPS hosting provides personal bandwidth and storage that never blends with the services of other companies on the same server.
  • VPS hosting provides more storage and bandwidth than a regular hosting service.

Knowing only the definition is not enough to know about VPS hosting. It is better if I describe to you how VPS hosting works.

How does VPS hosting function?

VPS hosting borrows the services of the parent server to create multiple virtual servers. They all are separated from each other, and companies can install their OS and software to create a private and wholly separated server from the others. Most VPS hosting companies use hypervisor software to provide the services.

Business Owners use a VPS to take care of the section of their business that requires consistent performance. However, many other reasons are also present that require the services of VPS Hosting. For example-

A VPS will work perfectly fine if you do not want to spend all your money on an entire dedicated server.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

As I said, VPS hosting can be used for several uses, especially when you combine shared and dedicated hosting features. However, the features will vary from company to company according to their requirements and services. However, here we list a few expected benefits you can use on behalf of VPS hosting.

Personal Server

VPS hosting will give you a separate server to have your specific portion of bandwidth and storage. Moreover, all companies sharing the same parent server can have their own VPS.

Though those using shared hosting may feel that VPS hosting is expensive, technically, it is less costly than a dedicated server. Because here you share a building with other siblings but can have your private room and other services. And you can share the rent. That means you have to pay only for the services you use.


VPS Hosting will allow you to control your environment and provide SSH. That means you do not have to depend on anyone to take care of your server.


According to Your Preference- VPS hosting will allow you to customize your server and services according to your preference. Moreover, you can choose the features, including the preferred Operating Systems.


VPS hosting will allow you to grow your business quickly. Moreover, you will be able to scale your whole company along with customers’ details more effectively.


If you are hosting your brand’s website for a long time, you know security’s value. Anything can make you lose all the essential data of your company. VPS hosting, in comparison, allows you to have server backups along with Liquid Web daily backups. The entire process will allow you to save the data from natural disasters and human attacks.

Security and Safety

VPS hosting may share the parent server but use isolated environments, which give you more security than other types of hosting.

However, you can also use Private VPS Parent Hosting. A Private VPS Parent hosting will allow you to have all the features and benefits of VPS hosting without sharing a parent server with others. Private VPS Parent hosting is flexible and isolated. You can take complete control over your parent server and the resources. It will allow you to create as many VPS environments as the server allows.

Pros and Cons of VPS Hosting

Now that you have known the answer to “what is VPS hosting?”, we can move on to the next part.

VPS hosting is perfect if you do not want the entire parent server. You can use all the features or only use the needed features and only pay for those. Here are all the pros and cons of VPS.

Advantages of VPS HostingDis advantages of VPS Hosting
VPS hosting is relatively faster and cheaper than others.VPS is more reliable than any other hosting service.VPS hosting will help you to avoid other sites’ issues and traffics
.You will get supreme control over your server.All your databases are also secure from other users, and only you will be able to access all your data.By installing particular software, one can easily create a VPS server   
No wonder VPS hosting is perfect for running your website or heavy applications. But if you run a massive portal for your business with a large forum section and perform all other tasks simultaneously, then VPS hosting will not be fruitful.Though VPS hosting gives you a private section, you must share it with others. And if any of them consume too much CPU or Ram power, you might face a slow-down.Certainly, VPS hosting requires a lot of technical knowledge to set it up and manage and maintain it properly.Even if any issues pop up and you want to resolve them with the help of the technical support team, it can take a lot of time. 

Comparison Between VPS and Other Hosting

1. Shared Hosting and VPS hosting

Let us make the topic a bit easier with an example. Suppose you are living in an apartment with few people. Your landlord asked you to share the bedroom, bathroom, electricity, laundry, kitchen, and rent. In the same way, you, along with other business owners, use the CPU, RAM, Disk Space, and all other available services of the Hosting server by paying for them. The process is no wonder saves you money but does not give you privacy. But in VPS hosting, you will get a particular portion of CPU, RAM, and Diskspace. All of these services are private. And they will not mix up with other’s services.

2. Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting

Dedicated hosting differs from VPS Hosting and Shared Hosting. You will get your private bandwidth, processor, memory, disk space, service team, and all other services here. You will not have to share your services with other website owners. But the entire cost of appointing a dedicated server is much higher than any other service. On the other hand, just like a retail shop in the shopping mall, you use all the services but also get your private zone. And the cost is divided between other owners.

Who Should Use VPS Hosting?

If you are a SaaS Provider, a game maker, a programmer, or a company that provides shared hosting services, then VPS hosting will perfectly fit your criteria. Moreover, VPS hosting not only offer you a private server with so many other facilities but also provide you with the most secure and affordable backup. You can choose the plan even if you are an owner of a medium-level website with less traffic. However, you have to keep in mind that the traffic rate should be higher than the limits of Shared hosting and lower than the limit of Dedicated hosting.

Final Verdict

Though the topic started with the question “what is VPS hosting?” knowing only the definition is not enough. Here we have also described how VPS hosting works, its benefits, pros and cons, but above all, one thing is most crucial: if your VPS hosting fits your criteria. Most of the VPS hosting providers arranged different plans with limited services. But I recommend you choose the customized one. A customized plan is best when you do not want to spend too much money on services you do not need.

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