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file-sharing is the most wanted thing nowadays. Because usually, we share files with friends, family and other people in the day to day life. We can share files between PCs or Smartphones. There are 2 types of file sharing methods. They are the Wired file-sharing method and the Wireless file sharing method.

Wire file sharing method means we have to use a cable or a wire to share files between the devices. The Wireless file transferring method means we don’t have to use a wire or a cable to share files between devices. We use a wireless medium to connect the devices that used to share files. So Xender is a Wireless file sharing method for Smartphones.

So this Xender is commonly used in every type of Android and iOS device to share files. Because it is a convenient way of transferring files between smartphones.

Xender Apk+Windows Pc

Xender App For File Sharing

Xender is a file-sharing app for Android, iOS, and PC. So you can use this app on Smartphones, Tablets, and Computers. This Xender file-sharing app is using WiFi as the file-sharing medium. Because WiFi is the fastest file-sharing medium so far. It is not like Bluetooth or Infrared.

WiFi has a fast file transferring speed. With the help of the Xender file sharing app, the WiFi file transferring rate of your Smartphones is so much higher than the usual speed. Every smartphone that comes in nowadays consists of WiFi. Therefore Xender can run on many Smartphones. Xender will give you the ability to share files between

Therefore you can share files between any kind of a smart device by using the Xender file sharing app. The Xender latest version or the Xender 2017 version is coming with new features and functions. Therefore this file sharing app is way better than the previous versions of it. So to experience the new functions and features of this file sharing app just download Xender latest version from this site for free.

Xender Features

Other File Sharing Methods Before The Xender WiFi File Sharing App

There were several file-sharing methods before the file sharing apps like Xender. They are MMS, Infrared, and Bluetooth. All of this file sharing methods are wireless file sharing methods and all of them were used in Mobile phones. So here is a little description about those File sharing methods. So after reading this, you can understand that Xender is a great way and convenient way of file transferring for Smartphones.


This file-sharing method is somewhat better than the MMS. Because this infrared file transferring method is not related to the Network Provider. Therefore you don’t have to pay for file sharing. Therefore it is a free file sharing method. But this file sharing method also has downsides too. The first one is you have to keep the sending and receiving devices very close to each other. Because the file-sharing range is very small. The second defect is the file transferring rate. The file transferring rate is very low in Infrared. Therefore it takes lots of time to transfer a large file. So it is not suitable for transferring large files. Therefore the Infrared file sharing method is discontinued in smartphones now.


When comparing to the MMS and Infrared Bluetooth file sharing method is successful than them. It because Bluetooth also doesn’t relate with the network provider. So you don’t have to pay any kind of payment for file sharing. Therefore it is a free file sharing method like infrared. But the file-sharing range is very high than the infrared. Therefore you do not need to keep the devices very close to each other. The other good thing is the file transferring rate. The file transferring is much better than the Infrared file transferring method. Therefore you can share large files in a short time than the Infrared. But this file transferring rate is low when compared to the file-sharing rate of the Xender file sharing app. But Bluetooth is still on smartphones for little purposes.


The meaning of the MMS is Multimedia Message Service. It means you can send a multimedia file as a Message. This totally works with the Network Provider of your Smartphone SIM. This is how it works. You can send a Picture or a Video clip from one Mobile Phone to another mobile phone as a message via the network provider. But you can’t send large multimedia files with this method. You can only send very small-sized pictures and Video Clips. So there’s a size limit for the file transfer. The other downside is you have to pay for the multimedia message to the network provider. Therefore the file transfer is not free in this method. So this file transferring method is not a successful file transferring method like Xender.

Features Of Xender App – Latest Version

  • This amazing file sharing app does not use any kind of mobile data or internet data. It only uses the WiFi as the file transferring medium. Therefore file transfer using Xender App does not affect on your mobile data or the internet data. So you don’t have to worry about that.
  • The file-sharing rate is very fast. It is faster than the Infrared and Bluetooth. Actually, the file transferring rate is 100 times faster than the Bluetooth file sharing method. Therefore you can send or receive files instantly.
  • You can transfer files without any kind of cost. You don’t need a network provider to send or receive files. Therefore the file transferring is totally free with Xender File Sharing App.
  • The ability to Send any kind of a file. The user can send Apps, Videos, Audios, Pictures, and Other files. There is a special feature on this application. It is you can send Compressed files too. Sometimes other file sharing apps like Xender do not allow Compressed files like RAR or Zip for transferring. But Xender’s latest version allows you to send any kind of file you want.
  • There is no size limit for file transfer. Therefore you can send or receive any kind of large or small file you want according to your device storage. The device storage is the limit of your file transferring when using the Xender app.>
  • Available for Android, iOS, and PC. So it can use to transfer files between any kind of smart device.
  • There is a file manager available on the Xender file sharing app. So you can use it to Open, Move, Delete, Rename the files that you have received from other devices.

Interface Of Xender App

The interface of this file sharing app is very simple and easy to use. So for the first time users also can understand the app and how it works easily. There is an option to change the theme color of the interface of the Xender app. Normally it comes with Green color. But you can change it to Blue, Purple, Pink, and yellow. When comes to the Home Screen there are several tabs as History, App, Photo, Music, Video, File etc. So those tabs contain the things on your device that related to the name of the tab. On the below part of the Home screen, you can see there are 2 buttons. They are as Send and Receive.

How To Install

To Android

  1. First, download Xender Apk file from this site for free.
  2. Then allow the Unknown Sources to your Android smartphone.
  3. After that go to the downloaded apk file and install it.

To iOS

Visit the download link for iOS in this site and download the App for your iOS device.


  1. Download an Android emulator for the PC and install it.
  2. Then download the Xender apk for your PC and install it to the Android emulator.

How To Use Xender File Sharing App

To Send To Android Devices

  1. First, open the Xender app.
  2. When you come to the Home screen, you can see a Button with the name of Send on the bottom part of the Home Screen.
  3. Then select it.
  4. After that, your hotspot of your smart device will active. Make sure that your device’s hotspot is visible for other devices.
  5. After the hotspot activation, then select the files you want to send. You can use the tabs on the top of the interface to select files.
  6. You can select a single file or multiple files to send.
  7. After selecting the files you want to send Click the Send button on the below of the Screen.
  8. After that, your files are available for the receivers.

To Send To iOS Devices

  1. Go to the Home Screen of the Xender App.
  2. Then Select the Send button on the below part of the Home Screen.
  3. Then your WiFi hotspot will active.
  4. After that select the Connect To iOS button on the Screen.
  5. Next, select the files you want to send.
  6. After that click the Send button on the screen and wait for the receivers.

To Send To PC

There are two ways to Send files to PC

1. Android Emulator-

You can install this Xender apk to the PC using an Android emulator. So in this method, you can send files like the way of sending to Android devices.

2. Web Browser

  • First, open the xender app and Click the Send button at the Bottom of the screen.
  • Then your hotspot will active.
  • After that select the Connect To PC button on the screen.
  • Then you will have an IP address given from the Xender App.
  • So next type that IP address in your Web browser in the PC and search.
  • Then you will have a permission request on your smartphone. accept it.
  • Then your smartphone and the PC are now connected.
  • Now there is an interface on the web browser on the PC. Actually, it is a file manager of the Xender file sharing app.
  • You can use that file manager to share files between your smartphone and the PC. The drag and drop method is available for this file manager.

To Receive Files

  1. Click the Receive button in the Home Screen.
  2. If there are any sender they will appear on the Screen.
  3. Then Select the device you want to get files from

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