12 Best Tools for Keyword Search : Importance of Keywords

Keyword research is one of the essential parts of modern SEO. And there is no way you can skip learning how to find the most searched Keyword to develop your website business. The Keyword mainly determines the amount of traffic you can generate with the help of Search Engine Optimization /SEO. 

On the other hand, keywords also determine your ranking on the internet and convert your targeted audience into potential consumers. In this article, I will tell you about the importance of keyword research and how you can find them. And I will also tell you about the 10 Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research.

Best Tools for Keyword Search

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12 Best Tools for Keyword Search

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What is Keyword Research?

A keyword is a combination of a few words that the audience uses to search for important information about a particular subject or a group of subjects. And Keyword research is a process through which you identify a keyword that most of your target audience uses to find out about the related topic. 

For example- suppose you are blogging about affiliate marketing, and your first target is searching for an audience who wants to know about affiliate marketing. Now search engines record every search and create data through these records. When blogger research for a keyword he or they get all the top keywords used by the audiences regarding affiliate marketing. With the right Keyword, you and your blog will be more visible to the world and rank better.

Best Tools for Keyword Search

How Can You Find the Right Keyword?

To find the right Keyword, you have to identify two things first. One identifies your niche, and the second specifies the topic you want to write about. Once you complete these two things, you can use SEO tools. 

Here we are providing you with the 10 Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research that you can use to find the niche and the perfect Keyword.

12 Best SEO Tools or Keyword Research

Here are the ten best SEO tools apart-

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Another Keyword searching tool by Google that offers free service. Though the tool provides only basic features and lacks functionality, if you are on a budget or want to learn how Keyword works, this is your best chance.

Best Tools for Keyword Search
  1. Ahrefs

If you are looking for a comprehensive tool, including keyword research, then Ahrefs is best for you. The in-built keyword Explorer tool provides the most accurate Keyword along with 1000+ suggestions. The tool also improves your CTR by analyzing your competitor’s moves and ranking your Keyword’s performance. The authority provides a Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research for new users who are not so familiar with these terms. Though the tool is not so cheap, the features supplied by Ahrefs are worth the price. The tool will allow you to analyze your competitors’ domains and their most visited keywords. The agency provides 1000 keyword ideas related to the topic. 

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer
  1. SEMRush

SEMRush’s marketing SEO tool is next on the list and probably one of the most used tools by bloggers. The SEO tool allows you to analyze your website’s performance and compare your websites with competitors. There are a lot of features that I like about SEMRush. The tool identifies new competitors, uncovers long-tail keywords, finds phrase matches, analyzes the domain’s performance, and gets a technical SEO audit. Tool offers plans ranging from $99 to $399/ month depending on the services, including a seven days free trial.

  1. KWFinder

 The tool is designed and developed by Mangools to guide all newbies. It has an easy navigating interface and allows you to find keywords in your target language. The tool is perfect for long-tail keyword searches. Along with analyzing competitors’ keywords, the tool also considers the volume and metrics of your preferred Keyword. The tool can also identify specific Keywords according to the location. The tool offers plane range from $29 to $79 per month.

  1. SEOQuake

 It is another most used SEO tool that works as an SEO checker but is a chrome extension. The tool allowed you to audit your page, assess your site’s internal and external links, and compare your website with others to determine your performance. SEO is free, allowing you to save time from manual work.

  1. SeCocckpit

 The tool provides the best benefits to SEO experts. Tool allows you to control the results by analyzing Google Suggests, related searches, and ads. The tool has an easy-to-use dashboard where you can set your project, summarize the most critical data, analyze competitors’ data and identify backlinks. and costs only $25 for a personal account. 

  1. Fat Rank

 Fat Rank is an SEO tool that will allow you to analyze your website’s performance and optimize your Keyword ranking. More interestingly, it will notify you if you are not ranking in the top 100. The tool provides free services and is best for those new to the industry.

Fat Rank
  1. Screaming Frog-

According to experts, the tool best analyzes your website’s performance. Most users reviewed that the tool is way faster than all the other SEO tools they have used in the past. The tool comes with a unique in-built feature known as the Spider tool. Along with the built-in features, the tool also informs you about errors, bad redirection, and many more.

Screaming Frog
  1. Jaxxy

If you want to avoid all the complicated parts of an SEO tool and just search for a tool that will share all your time and effort, then Jaaxy is the one you want. The tool helps you to search volume, compare your website with competitors, and many more. Its potential to analyze the traffic for a particular keyword makes it more popular among users. The tool will allow you to perform five searches simultaneously, including multithreaded search functions. The tool also allows you to analyze traffic and competitor’s strategies and rank your website and domain data within seconds. The toll costs only $49 per month.

  1.  Ubersuggest

 Ubersuggest is a free service providing a tool that specializes in generating new keywords. The straightforward interface of the device will only ask you to type your preferred Keyword, and then the rest will be done by Ubersuggest. It will do thousands of variations and related keywords and analyze the search volumes of the Keyword along with CPCS and Paid difficulty ratings. The tool can perform 100-900 reports, identify competitors’ strategies, and export the result in an excel sheet. The tool also analyzes historical data. The basic plan is free; however, the tool offers a paid plan for advanced services ranging from $29 to $99 monthly.


There are two more tools that I want to talk about; they are great for beginners, and if you want to reduce your budget, then these two can be proven best.

  1. Google Search Console

 One of the best tools that millions of users have trusted. The tool lets you monitor and report the performance of your website. The device is effortless to use as all you need is verification.

  1. SpyFu

 The tool is best if you want to identify the strategy of your competitors. It compares websites for a particular term and discovers complex and historical ranks. The tool offers a monthly basis plan that costs $33.



Though I have listed the 10 Best SEO Tools for Keyword Research according to order, I do not dare to rank them because all these tools are unique in their way away. All their features are exceptional and very useful when searching for new keywords.

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