How To Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy S8

Our newest guide will teach you how to Bypass FRP on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus and skip the Google verification lock within the next 5 minutes. There’s no need to install or download anything on your device, as the entire FRP process will be done through your browser.

Have you factory reset your Galaxy S8 and don’t remember to log in credentials or bought a new phone and is your google account locked? In today’s guide, I will show you how to bypass google lock easily and disable factory reset protection from your Android phone.

We just launched Samsung FRP Bypass APK allows you to bypass the google activation lock on your Samsung Galaxy S8 device within seconds. So if you lost your Google account password and looking for a simple method to remove the google FRP lock synced with your Android device, then this guide is just for you.

There is nothing to download or install on your phone as FRP Bypass will be done through a secret code based on your cell phone’s IMEI and model. Even though there are some methods to find an IMEI, the easiest way is by dialling to *#06# and the 15 digits number will show up almost instantly. Note down that number because you’re gonna use it later.

Using our FRP tool will remove the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) feature from your Galaxy S8 phone and let you enter a new google account (in case you forgot your password) or perform the factory reset without knowing previously used login credentials. Let’s get started!

How To Bypass FRP Lock on Samsung Galaxy S8

What is Factory Reset Protection (FRP)?

Factory Reset Protection or FRP is a security feature on Android phones that were released starting with Android Lollipop 5.1 and suppose to prevent thieves from using stolen Android devices. More exactly, no one can reset to factory a cell phone that has been FRP locked without knowing owner credentials (the one used to set up the phone).

That’s exactly what our bypass FRP apk can help you with: to bypass google activation lock (FRP) on your Samsung Galaxy S8 cell phone within a few seconds. Based on your IMEI, the apk tool will generate a unique secret code which removes the previously synced Google account.

And that’s not all! Once the FRP lock is deactivated on your mobile device, this security feature will stay deactivated forever. Meaning you can set up how many google accounts you want without locking your Android phone again and will remove the error: This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.

How does FRP Bypass Tool work?

We have combined some decoding hardware and software tools such as Octoplus Pro, ODIN, Sigma Box, Medusa Pro Box, Sigma Pack, EFT Pro Dongle, MRT Dongle and other tools that help us to FRP Bypass and unlock google accounts on any cell phone using Android as the operating system. These tools have been created by some IT engineers and developers to fight against companies that are selling this kind of service for money.

And now it’s our time to offer these services for free. So if you bought a phone and don’t know the owner’s login credentials or don’t remember your account password, our tool is everything you need to bypass Google’s security and unlock Google lock within the next 5 minutes.

Bypass Google Activation Lock on Samsung Galaxy S8

We have created an FRP Bypass APK tool through which you can easily remove the Google Account lock on the Galaxy S8 devices for free, in a matter of time. You may already see a lot of apps that suppose to FRP bypass Samsung phones but all of them are not working and their owners only want to steal your data.

Our FRP Samsung tool works online on your browser, without downloading or installing anything (in case you are sceptical) that may harm your Android mobile. You only need your phone’s IMEI to start bypassing your google account. Super easy, fast and 100% guaranteed (we have thousands of reviews).

Once you have submitted the IMEI number into our web tool, will connect to Samsung’s database through private servers and then generate a unique Samsung Galaxy S8 hidden secret code which allows your phone to enter developer mode settings, meaning your phone will remove any google account synced on your android phone without losing any data.

Samsung Galaxy A 51Hidden Secret Codes List

As you may already know, each phone has hidden secret codes which can be used to access many hidden service menus (engineering mode) and useful options in your mobile phone to test hardware and sensors, to upgrade firmware and interesting stuff which are not generally available in phone settings.

As you guessed, there are also unique secret codes (based on IMEI) that make your cell phone as never been synced with a Google account. Each phone has its own secret code, so a single code is not working with more than one device. That’s exactly the meaning of the FRP Bypass Samsung S8 phone.

Let’s check some secret codes for Galaxy S8:

  • *#06# – helps you to easily find your cell phone’s IMEI.
  • *#0*# – this code allows you to test LCD, hardware, sensors, speakers and many other things.
  • *#0228# – check battery status, level, voltage, temperature, etc.
  • *#9090# – helps to enter in Service Mode.
  • *#1234# – check the firmware version, model name or number, and other settings.

To get a secret code through you can Bypass FRP on your Samsung phone instantly, click on the bottom below the article and you’ll be redirected to our tool. Follow the instructions on the page in order to perform the bypassing process.

FRP Bypass Samsung Galaxy S8 Instructions

We forgot to mention that our tool works with any cell phone Brand (LG, HTC, Sony, Alcatel, ZTE, Oppo, etc), Model and any Android version. So it doesn’t matter what model you have to bypass google Gmail lock, our app supports all of them.

On the next page, you have to follow the steps described below to generate a secret code for the Samsung S8 phone that helps you to remove Google Account Lock (FRP) from your android mobile device. Even a 7-year-old child can do this without any knowledge, comment on this article if you can’t go through.

Step 1: Submit IMEI

In the first step, you have to submit the IMEI through the tool. Remember how to easily find the number? You’re right: just tap *#06# on your phone and the IMEI will show up on your screen instantly. Please pay attention when submitting this number, as our tool will work based on it. Here’s a preview.

Step 2: Select Make, Android version and Captcha

Moving forward, you have to select your cell phone brand (in our case Samsung), the Android version installed on your device (Settings -> About phone -> Software information) and move the captcha slider to a maximum – of 70000. Captcha is helping us to avoid the bots in using the tool. Click on the button below the form and move on.

Step 3: generating the secret code

And here comes the magic. Once the all details have been submitted, our tool will start working on his job. In this process will connect the tool to our tools box through API and start decoding a secret code for Samsung S8 to easily remove the google frp lock. Wait some time until is done.

Step 4: get the secret code

When everything has been done, you will see the generated secret code to Bypass the FRP lock on Samsung and instructions on how to use the code. Below you can see an example from a user who generated a code for his phone. You have to generate a new one based on the IMEI, as this code works only for that phone.

To use your unique generated code, you have to open the phone app and tap the code, just like making a phone call. Then go to Settings -> Accounts and Backup -> Manage Accounts -> Add Account -> Google and add your new Google ID. Your device is now synced with your new Google account.

Access the FRP Bypass Tool APK

Clicking on the button below will redirect you to our Samsung FRP Bypass tool. Check the FAQs section if you have questions. However, if you have any other questions comment below or contact us. We appreciate your feedback!

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