How to Make an Observer in Minecraft

How to create an observer:- Getting resources is not as easy as in any other game while playing Minecraft. The process requires time and skills, which is quite different from building a house or a barn. To resolve this problem, Minecraft has introduced many farms. You have to give effort in the initial period. And once you have successfully created your farm, you will receive important resources for your life. Now the question is, How to create an observer?

But as we said, creating a farm also required time, effort, and power. However, among all the farms, an observer is most important. An observer provides you with anything you need to create a structure. You can create your chicken farm, crops farm, stable, and many more. Now to let it work on its own, you have to set a Redstone signal. The signal will observe and monitor the process automatically. However, if you are not so familiar with the process, then do not worry. We will guide you on the question, How to create an observer?

Make an Observer in Minecraft

Material for Observer-

Here you need

  • Six cobblestones.
  • Quartz.  
  • Two Redstone dust.
  • A crafting table.

Where Can You Get the Materials?

  1. Cobbler Stones- now search for a place where a block of stone is placed. Now to get the cobbler stone, mine the blocks with the help of a wooden pickaxe. If you do not have a wooden pickaxe, then try this method. Place three planks together and two sticks inside a crafting table. And click on the necessary shape, soon you will get a wooden pickaxe. Once you get your wooden pickaxe, mine the blocks and dig out the cobbler stones.
  2. Redstone Dust- To find a Redstone Dust, you must explore the surrounding caves area. You will see some red spots somewhere in the middle of those caves. That is your Redstone dust. Again, follow the same steps to find the cobblestones and bring out the necessary amount of Redstone Dust.
  3. Quartz- crafting quartz requires a lot of time. Quartz needs ores, and you must go to the nether to search for ores. Now create a nether portal with the help of obsidian stone. Again, obsidian stone needs to be created by combining lava and water. Once you mix the elements, you will get a black-coloured block. To collect obsidian blocks, you must create your diamond pickaxe once you have created it. Now, place at least ten blocks to create a rectangular-shaped portal. After creating the door, active it with a Flint and Steel. To get Flint, you have the break some gravel. And use an iron ingot to get steel. You can get it by smelting iron ore inside a furnace.

Once you have collected the elements, equip them, get as close as possible to the portal, and click right. Once you have done the process, your door will be covered with a purple-coloured curtain. That means you have successfully created your nether portal, and the door is ready to take you to the other side. Now all you have to do is jump through the portal, and in the next moment, you will find yourself in the middle of nether. Now, as you have entered the nether, search for quartz as quickly as possible. Look for the blocks that are different in colour from the rest of the ground. Once you locate the place, mine them using the diamond pickaxe. Here you must follow another process- put the element inside the furnace with any fuel you have. Once the smelting process is completed, you will receive quartz.

Creating An Observer-

Now that you have successfully arranged all the necessary elements put them on the crafting table. Now you will receive your observer in a few seconds.

Now that you have learned how to create your observer, you must know the uses of an observer.

How to Use an Observer?

Now that you have the answer to the question, How to create an observer? Now it is time to let you know in how many ways can use your observer. An observer is probably the most used Redstone block in the game. If you are a Redstone engineer, you are probably in love with the observer. The idea was shared in 2012 for the first time by Jeb. However, the game observer the idea of an observer in 2016.

An observer lets the player know if any changes appear in their farms. Players get thrilled to collect the items and create the observer. This whole new level has changed the entire approach of the game. However, the idea of observers become more famous after discovering its several uses. Here some of them are listed.

  • Decoration- Because the creator has made the observer like a human observer, it has its face with all the necessary features. The face of the observer has a mean look. Many players used the observer in front of the door to stop trespass. Again, it can also be used as a scarecrow to protect the farm from unnecessary attacks.
  • Automatic Resource Generator- One of the main reasons players do so much hard work to create their observer. It provides an automation service on farms. The observer allows the players to keep an eye on the farm while not staying around. It can detect if the crops are ready to harvest, and the player can use a signal to trigger the harvesting process. Players who are growing sugar cane or bamboo use the observer regularly. Using the observer’s mechanical intelligence, they harvest their crops once fully grown. And by the meantime, the player does not need to provide any physical assistance to do the entire process.
  • Creating Flying Machines- Now, who does not love a flying machine? And Minecraft allows its player to create a flying machine using an observer. Here is the process. The player will need a sticky piston, a regular piston, two observers, seven slime blocks, lot of cobblestones.

How to create an observer

To create a flying machine, you must follow some steps.

Before you start the process, create at least three observers. To create the observer follow the section “How to create an observer?” Here, you will know the ingredients and their quantities to create a single observer. Multiply the quantity of each item by three, and you will know how many items you need.

  • Step 1- First, build up a high using the blocks. You have to be very calculative to create the height. The height should be based on how high you want your flying machine to fly.
  • Step 2- Now, in the next step, place a slime block at the top and another one next to it. The second slime will determine the direction, so ensure you have placed the slime block appropriately.
  • Step 3- In the next step, place an observer and a regular piston next to the slime blocks. Make sure to maintain the direction. The arrow of the observer must face the direction of the second slime block.
  • Step 4- Place two more slime blocks beside the regular piston in these steps. Now place another slime block on the left side of the two blocks you have just placed. Now follow the new slime block and place a sticky piston toward the second slime block you have placed in the beginning.
  • Step 5- now place two more slime blocks on top of the newly placed ones and place the other observer on top of the sticky piston. Now keep remembering to place the piston in such a way so that the arrow faces downward and the eye faces upward.
  • Step 6- Now, place five building blocks right after the last slime block. Here the player has to stand during the flight. Break all the blocks that belong to the initial tower touching the machine. Now place a block right at the top of the second observer that faces the upward direction. Once you have done this step properly, you will see movements in your machine.
  • Step 7- Start a flight and break the blocks you have placed on the top of the observer. And you will notice yourself flying in the sky.
  • Trap- Now, A trap can also be set using an observer. Suppose you want to create a TNT bed trap. It will detect if your target is sleeping or not. Once you right-click the bed trigger, the TNT will kill the target.
  • World Eater- You can use the observer to create a huge Redstone machine known as a world eater. The machine uses the TNT duping glitch to make an extensive empty perimeter. It is a destroyer that removes all the blocks. Once it destroys all the blocks and creates an empty perimeter, you can use it to build highly skilled mob farms.


When you live Minecraft life, you already know the importance of an automatic farm. Not only will it save your effort or time, but it will provide you with unlimited resources. However, we know setting an observer is way more complicated than creating any building. Especially collecting the elements to create the observer is the hardest part of the entire process. However, the benefits are worth the hard work.

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