How to Download Videos From YouTube?

YouTube is the biggest search engine, made for videos. Also the most popular Video Search Engine and also Video hosting site. YouTube is owned by Google, which is the first biggest Search Engine on the internet. There are almost millions of videos uploaded by users for us to watch. When we watch the videos on YouTube, the first thing that hits our mind is “How to Download Videos from YouTube?”. It is the first question that hit my mind when I knew about this site for the first time.

If you don’t have the time to view the YouTube video and want to watch it later, then you can download it to your computer or mobile. But, do you know How to Download a video from YouTube? When I started watching videos on the site, I didn’t know the answer either. But, the simple Google Search, I got the answer to download the YouTube video on a computer or Smartphone.

In this post, I will share various methods, which will help you in downloading YouTube videos on smartphones or computers. With the tricks I am going to share, you’ll be able to download any YouTube video on Android or iOS smartphones or PC. So, here I go to share the answer to your Question.

Download Videos From YouTube

How to Download a Video from YouTube?

There are multiple ways to download videos from YouTube, but I will share the simplest ways in this blog post. So, the first method for downloading a video from YouTube is for any device, may it be the Smartphone or Computer.

  1. (Website) :-

The is the website which allows you to download any video from YouTube in all quality formats. If you are willing to download any YouTube video in HD resolution and different encoding format, then you can do so. For downloading video from YouTube with the help of this website, you’ve to follow the below-mentioned procedures.

  • First of all, open the YouTube video you want to download. Once you opened the YouTube video in the Browser tab, Copy the URL of the Video. You’ll need the Video URL to download it from
  • Now, In a New browser tab, open the website On this site, you’ve to paste the YouTube video URL you want to download. After posting the Video URL in the box on the site, Click “Enter” on your keyboard.
  • The site will check the Video and show you the Downloading options for the video. You may see the various video quality and format options to download. Just click on any downloading link and the video will start downloading.
  • The Major advantage of this site is that it can be accessed from your Smartphone too. So, you don’t have to depend on the Computer to download videos from YouTube.
  1. Videoder ( App) :-

When it comes to the Videoder app, we love to write and share our thoughts about it. The Videoder app is the Smartphone app which helps you to download videos from the internet. But, here we are talking about downloading the videos from YouTube, so we’ll stick to it.

The Videoder app is available on the official website for Android and iOS devices. It is a pretty simple app which helps you to find and download any video, not just from YouTube, but from the whole internet. The Videoder app comes with an inbuilt browser, which allows you to open up any copied URL of the video or the site, where any video is hosted and will help you to download it.

So, if you want to download any video from YouTube, then you can do that easily with the Videoder app. The Videoder app helps you to search and download the video in almost every available video encoding format. Also, the app has an inbuilt video downloader to track the download progress of the videos.

Here is the complete procedure to download and install the app on your Android or iOS device. Also, you can run the Videoder app on PC with the help of an Android Emulator.

  1. KeepVid:-

Instead of Smartphone apps, websites are easier for downloading videos from YouTube. The websites can be accessed on both, smartphones and Computer, so there is good flexibility in the use of sites for downloading a video from YouTube.

With the KeepVid website, you can easily download videos from YouTube and any other video hosting site. Here is the exact procedure to download videos from YouTube with the help of the KeepVid website.

  • First of all, visit the website from this link.
  • Now, to download any YouTube video, you need the URL of the video. Assuming that you have the URL of the video, we will proceed further.
  • After that, you’ve to visit the KeepVid site and enter the YouTube video URL in the field and Press “Enter” on the Keyboard.
  • Now, you’ll have the Video download options in the available qualities and Formats. Click on any format and quality option and the video will start downloading.
  • Conclusion:-

Downloading videos from YouTube is not a rocket science task. I hope the sites and apps shared in this post will help you in downloading your favourite videos from YouTube. If you face any problems in downloading any video, you can comment below to get help from our team members.

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